Am I Getting Through (Part I & II)

 (Sheryl Crow)


Part I:

I am strong

I am able

I spill milk on your table

Then I crawl like a baby

Just to see if you save me

I am sweet

I am ugly

I am mean if you love me

I try hard just to please you

When I say I don't need you

I dress up with a conscience

When I think you'll be watching

I say all the right things

I don't know what I mean


Am I

Am I

Getting through


I am ignorant and rude

I am fashionably crude

And sometimes when it's quiet

I'm an angel in white

When I pose in the mirror

I want everyone near me

I am scared that I'm weird

I'm afraid I am queer

I am lovely I am weak

I am foul when I speak

I am strange when I'm kind

I am frying my mind


Am I

Am I

Getting through

(I don't care, I don't care)


Jesus loves me I know

For my mom told me so

I'm a loser at love

I'm a flower in the mud


Am I

Am I

Getting through


Part II:

Don't you hate me

When the motor starts running out

Your esoteric rants

were made to twist and shout

I heard you moved

now your hangin on the Moulin Rouge

Don't you know no matter where you go

Somebody's always watching you

That's what they say that's what they say

When the pages fade the love you made

will seem one hundred light years away