Hard To Make A Stand

(Sheryl Crow/Bill Bottrell/Todd Wolfe/RSBryan)


Old James Dean Monroe

Hands out flowers at the Shop-N-Go

Hopes for money but all he gets is fear

And the wind blows up his coat

And this he scribbles on a perfume note

"If I'm not here, then you're not here"

And he says, "Call me Miscreation,

I'm a walking celebration"



And it's hard to make a stand

Hard to make a stand

Hard to make a stand

Hard to make a stand


My friend, o lawdy,

Went to take care of her own body,

And she got shot down in the road

She looked up before she went,

Said, "This isn't really what I meant"

And the daily news said, "Two with one stone"

And I say, "Hey there, Miscreation,

Bring a flower, time is wasting"




We got loud guitars and big suspicions,

Great big guns and small ambitions,

And we still argue over who is God

And I say, "Hey there Miscreation,

we all need a revelation"