(Sheryl Crow)


Feeling weak today

Run the risk of tears

Falling down your cheeks

From all the lonely years

Holding back your love

While she races up the hill

Chase what you dream of

But always standing still



All in all you see

Everything is history

Think of all that you've been missing


Every now and then

Shadows bring you back again

Think of all the things you're missing

Lay the pictures out

Pull the curtains down

Don't let us see you break

Your happiness you fake

Sending up a flare

If anybody really cares

To talk a little while

The past to reconcile




Every now and then

I can almost picture him and think of all the things

Of all the things, of all the things

Well I do

I do

Hear the morning creepin in

And the spirit sings again

Well you will

You will

See the beauty in this moment

Every time you're standing still

These times are temporary

Some day the wind will carry you home

And you'll be free

No one will pull you down

You'll wake up and look around

And never again

Think of all that you've been missing