Steve McQueen

(Sheryl Crow/John Shanks)


Well I went to bed in Memphis

And I woke up in Hollywood

I got a quarter in my pocket

And I'd call you if I could

But I don't know why

I gotta fly

I wanna rock and roll this party

I still wanna have some fun

I wanna leave you feeling breathless

Show you how the west was won

But I gotta fly

I gotta fly



Like Steve McQueen -

All I need's a fast machine

I'm gonna make it all right

Like Steve McQueen

Underneath your radar screen

You'll never catch me tonight


I ain't takin' shit off no one

Baby that was yesterday

I'm an all American rebel

Making my big getaway

Yeah you know it's time

I Gotta fly




We got rock stars in the Whitehouse

All our pop stars look like porn

All my heroes hit the highway

They don't hang out here no more

You can try me on my cell phone

You can page me all night long

But you won't catch this freebird

I'll already be long gone

Like Steve McQueen

All we need's a fast machine

And we're gonna make it all right