Sweet Rosalyn

(Sheryl Crow/Jeff Trott)


Slappin' leather was devised

During a wild streak in her life

She has a cheap apartment

Up on Royal Street

She brought home just enough

To keep her on her feet

She don't believe in anything

But it you ask her, she'll say

There's plenty of things to believe in



Sweet Rosalyn

Sometimes you gotta give in

Sweet Rosalyn

Sometimes you gotta give in

Sometimes you gotta be loved


She got a number off the bathroom wall

She was looking for a good time

So she made the call

Got a strangely calm voice on the other line

Sneaky little priest trying to reach out to the swine

He said, "Hello my name is Father Tim

Seems to me your zeal for this life

Has been wearing a little thin"




Well, maybe we all could use a little grace

To know when to run and when to

Stay in one place