When Love is Over

(Sheryl Crow)

I know I ask for nothing
And thatís what I got from you tonight
I guess I thought youíd changed
Leaving becomes too easy
Easy by morning light
I still cannot explain

Is it enough to ask and not receive
Just one more kiss before you turn and leave
When love is over
Over it should be
But something still burns in me

A hundred solid reasons
The answers come in waves
But I'm all for calmer seas
Youíre only lost in the shuffle
But in your usual way
Itís you who always comes to me

Iíve burned up pages
Hidden yesterdays
Hereís one more glance before I turn away
When love is over
Over it should stay
But something wonít go away

Hardly a moment passes
Hardly a single day goes by
Iím not remembering
Just to surrender slowly
Into a strangerís arms
But you stand watching in the wings

These must be days weíve seen through tear-filled eyes
It all makes painful sense when I realize
When love is over
Something has to die
Cause you can say goodbye