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Hello, and welcome to my personal Sheryl Crow website!!! This is my shrine, my tribute to the one and only Dr Sheryl Crow!!! I hail from Sydney, in the Land Down Under, Australia. I titled the site Riverwide as it is one of my favourite Sheryl Crow songs and it is a fitting name. My favourite all-time Sheryl song, it must be said is I Shall Believe. Sheryl's music has been with me through all of the good times and the bad alike, getting me through the long and tiring days. With C'mon C'mon already hitting the shores,  it means that I can once again be mesmerized by Sheryl's musical ability. Be sure to pick up a copy of her new album, which is in stores now. It is truly amazing. Take Care. God Bless. :)


I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone in my life for always being there for me and for leading me exactly to where I am at the  present...to my parents, Ig's & Chris, Cuz's Caz & Stef, Braaz Karl, buds - Christian, K-man, Phil, Fezza, the Lattouf clan, Marcus, Con-Man, Tam & Mick get a mention too :P And of course the someone special I cherish in my life, my newfound source of strength and happiness - Thanks Hayles, my Bub  XXX :)



So without much more delay, enjoy my site... I hope you like it!


Stephen :)

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Last Updated: April 23, 2003

First Launched: April 14, 2002.

*** This is a fan site, not an official site. For Sheryl Crow's official site go to www.sherylcrow.com
Special thanks to all the great people at Sheryl's official site and forum - thanks for the help and inspiration. And I have to thank Sheryl too! :)



*** Index page contains a Tomorrow Never Dies Midi File which I obtained from http://www.btinternet.com/~natalie.thomas/sheryl/sherylcrow.html

***All headers and footers are designed by me and all I ask is that you ask permission before you post them elsewhere.

Thank you.